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The official website of former website developer

Lucas McLerie

Hello visitors! My name is Lucas Mclerie and I am a former website developer (I created all websites in text editors (Visual Studio Code, Atom, etc) and file hosting is by Plesk. I never used website generators (Yes, I wrote all of that 'weird gibberish' stuff (AKA Code)). Here is a sample from this website:

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code sample

Anyway, Let's learn a litte more about me :)

Where am I from?

Good ol' Western Australia.

What are my hobbies?

Playing guitar/bass, making YouTube videos, gaming, video editing/making videos, making music and thats about it.

What do I want to be OR What is my job?

I'm a nightfill worker at IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) in my home town as a starter job, I do work with dad in the water truck over summer. I am a volunteer firefighter with Julimar Volunteer Bushfire Brigade. I do have a YouTube Channel for the fire brigade. When I can, I'm going to try and get into career firefighting in Perth. I am also aiming for a private pilot licence.

Who are my favourite music artists and what are some of my favourite songs from them?

I have a few favourite artists; Hilltop Hoods (Hip-Hop), Slipknot (Metal) and AC/DC (Rock), and my favourite songs? I'll provide video links so you can also have a listen to them if you have never heard of them.

Just an FYI, these are not the total songs I like.... I'd need to write another site for all of them...

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My Programming Skills

My official Programming Certificates: (Hover over the images for closer view).

HTML Certificate CSS Certificate PHP Certificate JavaScript Certificate

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