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Welcome to the official website of the Theoton Cruise Lines ROBLOX group and Discord Server.

Bon Voyage!
TCL has officially closed it's doors, Thank you very much for these 135 years!

Theoton Cruise Lines ROBLOX (TCLR) was a fantasy cruise line in Roblox. It was the only known cruise in line in Roblox with this name and we used this to our advantage by asking you to join and enjoy a cruise you wouldn't forget with this cruise line.

Our History
1883: Theoton Lines was founded as Theoton Motels.
1885: Opened the first motel in Athens, Greece.
1889: Theoton David II was born on June 6th.
1891: Theoton Motels Merges With Civil Lines to form Theoton Oriented Co.
1894: The PS Helios makes her Maiden Voyage On April 17.
1899: The PS Helios catches on fire and sinks, 32 lost.
1901: The RMS Valeratina is officially the worlds largest ship.
1912: RMS Valeratina is now called RMS Empress Of Yokohama.
1925: RMS Empress Of Yokohama sinks, 1,932 lost.
1929: The building of RMS Athena starts.
1931: the building of RMS Athena is finished.
1935: the Maiden Voyage Of the RMS Athena was on August 28.
1941: The building of the RMS Aquaria began.
1941: The building of the RMS Aquaria was cancelled.
1952: MS Ace Roane had its Maiden Voyage on May 16.
1961: Theoton Oriented Co. becomes Theoton Lines.
1965: Building of the MS Metis began.
1967: MS Metis has her Maiden Voyage on July 8.
1974: Building of the MS Vienna began.
1977: MS Vienna has her Maiden Voyage on October 19. | Theoton Lines ran a train company called Theoton SuperSeed.
1983: Theoton Lines opens its own private island, Isla De Tropicale.
1985: Theoton Lines now becomes Theoton Cruise Lines.
1991: Carnival Corp takes ownership over Theoton Lines.
1995: MS Vienna catches fire and sinks, 96 lost.
1998: Theoton Airlines was formed.
1999: MS Ace Roane capsizes.
2001: Theoton Lines forces to cancel all cruises from NYC due to September 11.
2002: All ships get their Theoton prefixes.
2007: Theoton introduces the Theoton Fantasticala.
2011: SuperSeed was shut down.
2016: Building of the Theoton Eclipse began.
2017: Theoton Eclipse has it's Maiden Voyage on August 21, the day of the eclipse.
2017: The Keel Laying ceremony of the Theoton Venture was on September 2.
2017: Building of the Theoton Venture began on December 25.
2018: Theoton Lines CEO has announced 2 new ships for 2020 on May 26.
2018: Theoton Cruise Lines ceased operations in December.

Note: You must have an account with either app before you can join.